Music Ministry

Music Department

The responsibilities of the Music Department are: assisting and leading the congregation in worship and praise, through the ministry of music, which way include: all manner of instruments, choirs, practice sessions, etc. The Music Department will play an integral part of the worship atmosphere, therefore requiring the participants to be skillful in ministering to the Lord through music. Workshops will play an important roll, as well as other opportunities, in encouraging the Music Department, to be fully equipped for the task at hand.

Praise Team

The Praise & Worship Leaders responsibility will be to lead the congregation in praise and worship in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, giving thanks unto and ministering to our God. Therefore the Praise & Worship Leaders will be creating an atmosphere conducive for the anointing of God to manifest in the hearts and minds of God's people. The Praise & Worship Leader may be required to attend praise and worship workshops, in order that the very best preparation is obtained for this key area of ministry.


The purpose of the Greater Works Choir is to minister in song and include the audience in praise, worship, and adoration unto God. The Greater Works Choir is not to be an instrument of entertainment, but participants with the congregation as one voice of praise unto God, and to be expected to be in practices and services on time and fully be prepared for their responsibilities. Choir members will also be required to participate in workshop sessions to further enhance the choir members in their desire to achieve their very best as unto the Lord.