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Greater Works Than These Ministries
4020 Wylly Ave
Brunswick, GA 31520

Greater WorksGreater Works Than These Ministries is a nondenominational church located in Brunswick, GA along the beautiful Golden Isles coast. It was founded in May 1996 by Pastor Mark Baker, who set out with the message of “Winning the Lost at Any Cost,” to save souls and change the lives of Gods people. By using God’s inspirational word, Pastor Baker has taken Greater Works from its humble beginning of a store front church to 21+ acres of land with the first building of the “Family Life Center”, with which God has blessed the ministry with. If God is doing this much now in Greater Works Ministries, imagine what He will do in the NEXT PHASE of our lives.

In the early months of 1996 the winds of the Holy Spirit began to stir the heart of a young man, James Lamar “Mark” Baker, Jr. The Holy Spirit led Pastor Mark Baker to share his vision with First Lady Lora Michelle Baker, his wife, Deacon Eddie Williams, Minister Jeffery Muchison, brother-in-law (now Pastor of Mount Calvary Baptist Church) and their wives Sister Sandra Muchison (now First Lady Sandra Muchison and Pastor Baker’s sister) and Sister Janice Williams. They agreed to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit as Pastor Baker revealed that God was leading him to go forth in ministry.

Pastor Baker’s vision is to have a ministry where the vision is the people, and for the people, and not the people for the vision. A Christ-centered ministry focused on the people. A ministry that is not just focused on getting people to build the vision, but the vision is to build the people of God. After several months of praying and fasting, the Holy Spirit led Pastor Baker in the decision to start a ministry, resulting in the birth of, “Greater Works Than These Ministries”.

The Lord blessed Pastor Baker with a building located at 504 “G” Street on April 11, 1996, in downtown Brunswick, Georgia. For four weeks, Pastor Baker, Deacon Williams and Minister Muchison cleaned, painted and furnished the 504 “G” Street building. The building was prepared for service with the funds accumulated from their tithes and offerings given into the ministry. They understood what it meant to step out on faith. They believed it was of God, therefore, they knew they had to trust His provision.

On May 6, 1996, the first official meeting was held. God gave a powerful Word through the Spirit of prophecy during this meeting. The Spirit spoke these Words, “If you will bring the water, I will turn it into wine.”

During that meeting, Pastor Baker shared his heart for the many hurting and oppressed people in the City of Brunswick, Georgia. They then left that meeting pregnant with a vision and a purpose for the ministry.

Greater Works Than These Ministries had the first regular service on May 12, 1996, on Mother’s Day. The first members who attended were family and wonderful friends who believed in the ministry and the vision God had given to Pastor Baker.

On June 4, 1996, Pastor Baker was ordained in the ministry under the Leadership of his Pastor and Bishop, Bishop Wiley Jackson, Jr. II, of Atlanta, Georgia. Under Bishop Jackson’s leadership, Pastor Baker has learned how to operate a successful and effective ministry. The wisdom of Bishop Jackson, other men and women of God is greatly appreciated by Pastor Baker, First Lady Lora and the Greater Works Than These Ministries’ Family.

During the fourth year in ministry, God began to stir Pastor Baker’s heart to search out and to possess the land that God had predestined for him to build God’s temple. In the month of August, in the year of 2001, Pastor Baker found and possessed 21.2 acres of “untouched industrial land” in the City of Brunswick, Georgia.

After multiple challenges, paperwork and intense meetings, the trees on the property finally began to come down. During the Fall of 2003, ten of the 21.2 acres of land were cleared. On November 6, 2003, the foundation was poured for the 12,500 square foot Greater Works Family Life Center.

Day by day and month by month, Pastor Baker spent many early mornings and many late nights overseeing the work that was taking place during the building project. While many were sleeping in the early hours of the morning, Pastor Baker would be at the building site watching and praying for the safety and the completion of God’s house.

The members, his family and friends do not know entirely what Pastor Baker had to endure during the major and historical building project. However, they knew he was chosen for the task that was given unto him. Pastor Baker did endure and completed the task until the very end with the help of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Saturday Morning, July 24, 2004, at 4020 Wylly Avenue, the Greater Works Family Life Center was dedicated to the Lord. The event started with a vehicle motorcade from 504 “G” Street to the new location. This event was a very historic moment for the members of Greater Works, the community, and the City of Brunswick.

In the next few years, Pastor Baker will build the actual sanctuary. The building will seat up to approximately 3,000 people. The Family Life Center will become the Greater Works Christian Academy for the children of Greater Works Ministries, the community and the surrounding counties.

Pastor Baker will not be finish building after the second building. God has charge Pastor Baker to build four or more buildings on the 21.2 acres of land. The second building is already up and finished in the mind of this visionary. He is now envisioning the third building to be built for the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Mark Baker is a man of Faith, possessing the spirit of excellence and integrity. He stands on the principles of God and His Son Jesus Christ to take the people of God to their designated destiny. Pastor Baker, a man after God’s own heart.

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Early Morning Services - 8 AM
Worship Service - 11 AM
1st Sunday Night Prayer - 5:30 PM
1st Sunday Night Service - 6 PM


Word Empowerment Prayer - 7 PM
Word Empowerment Service - 7:30 PM


First Friday Breakthrough Prayer - 7 PM
First Friday Breakthrough Service - 7:30PM

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