Words from Pastor's Desk

No one is exempt from persecutions in life. As a believer, you must know how to handle them. Persecutions come to try and keep you focused on the turbulence being caused by others in hopes of taking you off course of the progress being made with your assignment. You must keep looking to your Creator. You are on HIS team. You are at HIS Right Hand. Expand your knowledge in the WORD so you know the plays. All scripture is GOD breathed in which HE will give life and expand your horizon wider than just being a spectator. Everything you're going through now is creating your title of "Champion" for life.

You-Have The Crown!
Your challenge has come. You’re sowing seed, and you are one on one.  As you place one foot in front of the other, you are boldly claiming your new grounds.  When your opponent sees you drop to your knees, he thinks he sees defeat.  Instead, you are praying and giving ALL Glory to THE KING.  Next comes your Garment of Praise and above all, you are raised. By THE KING, You are Crowned and Sealed with the Signet Ring as HIS own, and by this, you show you have more than overcome on these grounds.  Therefore, name your seed that is sown today, and claim HIS Victory. Then get ready for in Truth you will deliver HIS Awesome Testimony. 

Faith is always tested in every fight, and you, as a winner, should always feed your faith.  Winners succeed by accomplishing the four levels of faith: I CAN, I WILL, I AM, and I DID. You need to stay in the weight room of The Word because The Word fights the fight leading you to triumph.  Work outs are daily and are done because we know when the challenge comes, we will win.  Training builds momentum; therefore, you must not slow down the momentum of your work-outs by negativity.  Focusing on a situation will turn the focus upon you and not the Kingdom.  Be wise, Be instructed, Serve the Lord, Rejoice, and Kiss the Son for you have already Won! 

You serve an “UP” GOD, and You‘re on an “Up” course this entire year.  As you continue to increase your trust and rest in the LORD, know that you had to be established, preserved, and mature for your promised position.  You have need of endurance and not become faint because the enemy’s strength is non-existent against the WORD.  Exhaustion doesn't occur with the LORD, and HE had to make sure you had built up your strength to succeed and achieve True Victory and HIS entire overflow in your life.  After all, you are called HIS elect, in which HE glorifies.  Thank HIM.  Praise HIM. Trust HIM.  It is due to HIS exceeding great power within that has already caused you to WIN.

Trust commands rest and rest commands results.  Once you commit wholeheartedly to GOD and HIS WORD, then you will know True Triumph and Victory over every area of your life.  Don’t base a situation by your knowledge but by the knowledge you have of GOD’s WORD.  Don’t scale back because you don’t like the pace of the process. When the pace seems to slow or stagnant, this is the time to build yourself up even more by increasing your knowledge in THE WORD.  You may think you look like the underdog, but position yourself, stand still, and watch The LORD fight for you.  You Triumph through CHRIST, who has overcome the world, and through CHRIST by HIS WORD, which demands results!