Words from Pastor's Desk

Be in such expectation of the Greater!  Something will always come along to take you out of your joy, but in HIS Presence is fullness of Joy and Strength.  While waiting on God alone, even while suffering, you know HE will eventually settle you once you have been perfected, established, and strengthen.  The power of reason is The Word and all confidence and reliance is your expectation from HIM & HIM alone, and that HIS Word will come to pass in your life. 

In Deuteronomy 6:4-6, we were given the law that should be written in our hearts – to love GOD with all your heart, soul, and strength.  In everything we do, we must do without departing from our first love.  Our labor, work, faithfulness, patience, and endurance must not become rote.  Our passion is not mechanical; it is a process with a promise. Our first commitment should be our expression of absolute love to CHRIST in all the things we do.

Being sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, we now in Christ Jesus have God in the world to teach us how to profit and dwell safely in prosperity.  When you profit, you benefit/gain after requirements have been met. As believers by faith, God has set apart and offered to us all that is Holy to HIM. HIS requirements are easy and not burdensome. The expenses according to the heart will abound in your account.   When you give into the Kingdom with love and a joyful heart, the return of investment is multiplied and increased.

GOD created you for your own calling.  This calling surpasses the calling to believe and is obtained through faith.  You were designed with intricate unity and fashioned for this position.  It is the position in which you are the elect and development is required. Your uniqueness is only effective within your assignment and gift. Stay in HIS Presence so you can know and understand fully the gift that is within you that HE has honored most for HIS Glory creating the best days to come.   Stand fast in faith. Watch -the doors of opportunity will open before you taking you to places you can’t even relate too. 

You are a Change Agent and you’re on the move!  HE has made you to ride on the High Hills and not dwell on one mountain.  What doesn't allow you to grow has to go. You were created as an original. The gift you have was originated for Purpose and to supply the need of it to others. Organize, declutter, eliminate busyness to think & be creative, and keep focused to transcend over the limits from the world system.  This is a process that takes time because the foundation must be laid to withhold the weight and resistance of the force to come against it.  Your future is secure; however, faith is always tested. No one is exempt.