Words from Pastor's Desk

Believers by faith can’t separate faith and works to get life.  Faith is the driving force for results and is demonstrated by the commitment to what is professed and by acting on it as well.  Believers go forth with sure purpose because there is no forfeiting the full reward that is due.  Every effort is made for the Word to perform the Work that HE is able to complete.  Like Rahab, who received the WORD given by the messengers, accepted deliverance, showed compassion, and continued to follow the command given for a later date.  When the dust settled, she stood and had life; not just her but those of her household.

Faith has to be proven and shown not only in the sight of The Lord but also in the sight of man. Believers by faith make every effort to add to their faith and aim to please God because without faith it is impossible to please HIM.  They continue with praise because they know they receive things for the actions done in the body.  This is why believers stand still when in the midst of challenges. They do not turn to the weak and man-made system of works, but use the force from the power of faith for the unseen work to be revealed from The Divine Source.

The Christian walk is a faith walk 365 days a year.  Faith has to be demonstrated and victory is Demonstratable.  Believers of genuine faith practice those things that are pleasing to GOD without ceasing the works of faith mixed with the Word.  Progress will be made evident producing results from believers who know that the GOD of Scripture exists, is faithful, and rewards those who trust in HIM.  Believers are able to stand in the midst of storms, without drawing back, holding fast to the confessions of the hope promised to receive in victory through Christ.  HE is faithful, HE is able, and what HE has spoken shall come to pass.  

Thank The Lord for HIS Creativeness.  Father formed you as an original into existence to carry out HIS purpose and destiny for your life.  Just as HE brought you into existence, submitting to HIS Will and serving The Kingdom acknowledges HIS existence.  You as a believer by faith call forth things into existence giving your purpose power to evolve at each level in life.  Believers speak Words that will create - not imitate - for their future. Your evolvement process is equipping you to be fitted for the building of The Kingdom on earth.

You are an athlete with THE Paraclete.  Athletes prepare and discipline themselves daily before each workout.  After each workout, it is equally important to stretch and cool down so the body can transition to a state of rest.  As a believer by faith, your stretch and cool down is your surroundings and what gets in your ear gates.  Restrict yourself from those things that cause restrictions of HIS flow to get you out of peace and rest. You don’t want to become stiff necked in heart and ears because you are a winner making progress, and you are still coming through with breakthroughs.