Words from Pastor's Desk

The Word is very powerful.  The Word is seed.  It creates an image on the inside of believers of who we are and what we have in Christ.  It produces and brings results that are present to be viewed by others.  That is the Power of HIS Word!

As believers we are in faith every day for something.  Knowing GOD the way we do, we know that HE is not slack concerning any of HIS Promises as some men count slackness.  In our journey from faith to faith, there is a gaining strength that allows us to walk in the abundance of who GOD is.  For GOD is generous in his gifts and glory, HE does not scrimp with HIS traveling companions.  
Believers by faith are always HIS progressive work.  We never stop developing when we serve with a positive mindset. The more we mature our responses to people and situations create the Will of God and not our will.  We speak Words in which angels desire to look into, creating fruits of righteousness and seeing the form of HIS Glory.  

 Productive Seasons are when believers by faith sow seed. This opens the door of faith taking the opportunity to let Christ guide you to all that you have not seen, heard, or entered into your heart of the great things He has in store. It is the time you leave the familiar and access HIS excess.  When a believer sows in faith, it is giving power to produce plentiful in one's life. Se

Movement up and extension out will always take place when The Lord goes before you and is also your rear guard.  There is no glass ceiling when breakthrough comes. You are no longer termed Desolate! Delivery is coming forth with secured fruit in every good work because of  secured roots.