Words from Pastor's Desk
Why must development take place? The enemy is much craftier than any other animal God created.  Being developed according to HIS Will is for the betterment of our lives as well as The Kingdom. The only way to successfully manage HIS supply in our life is to go through life experiences and spiritual nurturing.  When our bodies come under subjection, our minds are independent from our emotions and can still be effective for The Kingdom. Mental toughness keeps us strong so when the enemy comes we don’t confuse Truth with feelings.  Being thankful and grateful that HE is The Source is the key to being content regardless of the season.  We share in the future of HIS Glory; we must share HIS Supply.
He has opened the door of faith to you, and your heart has been purified by it. Now God wants to show you “you” being developed full of faith and power. You must continue to “faith it” until you make it. Through the many tribulations, the more your heart and mind harbors with no doubting HIS Reign over all, this brings about progress and joy of faith.  GOD’s Word is unchained; therefore, the “thing” that is trying to pin you down is creating opportunities for HIS Power to arise, release and open doors to make it, lacking nothing!
It is by the power of HIS Name and through faith in Christ that believers rejoice taking time to pause and praise GOD even in the midst of circumstances, good or bad. HE who knows all before all, has already prepared beforehand the provisions you need by supplying power to resist opposition and the strength in your bones to stand.  When you set your face like a rock to Christ, you know the promise HE gives is for a possession.  Rocks can’t be sifted like wheat, and nothing can separate you from HIS Presence.

There is a time and season for everything. And in everything, let your love of Christ continue to anchor self in The Word. Your mind and heart need to be fortified & inhabited with The Word. It takes mental fortitude to cast down everything that doesn't line up with the Word, especially in a time and season of having to endure difficult circumstances and/ or people. Your patience proves the genuineness of your faith assuring the Promise of Rest and Restitution.  To those who have no might He increases strength being effective in the duration.  Because you are strong, and the Word abides in you - You overcome!

You are wired for your purpose and need to be prepared for your future.  As a child of God through faith in Christ Jesus, you are an heir and master – authority -of all.  Strength is about development and life experiences. You get developed through The Word. The Word is given to support your position as joint heir with Christ.  Without awareness of your strength in Christ, it is impossible to be effective when rising to the level of the divine.  You know the power of HIS Resurrection when you have known personally, through life experiences, the point of HIS death. HE provides the Crown after you bear the cross.