Words from Pastor's Desk

Movement up and extension out will always take place when The Lord goes before you and is also your rear guard.  There is no glass ceiling when breakthrough comes. You are no longer termed Desolate! Delivery is coming forth with secured fruit in every good work because of  secured roots.

Those who are led by The Spirit are children of promise.  When led by The Spirit, believers experience firsthand the love of Christ. The paths traveled break us from the bondage of the world. When we break away from the beliefs of the world, a breakthrough is released so the covenant promise, which was spoken to Abraham, can be fulfilled in the life if a believer.

Make The Word your way, and you will surely prosper.   When you acknowledge GOD in all your ways, you profess that HE is Supreme Being. And, since HE is a good GOD, you trust HIS guidance. Where HE leads you - you have already received the endurance and the victory. Receiving is a privilege reserved for those who ask in faith with no doubting.

The Lord will show HIMSELF strong to those who trust wholly in HIM. Believers by faith have peace in their course of travel because their dependence upon HIM invokes HIS Divine blessings and protection.  They don't forget nor try to get from others what only GOD can provide. Since HE is the same yesterday, today and forever - HIS reputation has a lifetime guarantee. 

As a believer by faith the abundant life is about winning not loosing. We must give attention to the cycle of a day.  Thoughts or words of a situation formed from knowledge, experience, learning, and/or application during the course of day may form as seed and affect our faith.  There is a harvest at the end of a seed cycle that produces more seed to sow and food to eat. Righteous men choose Seed which cycles to WIN.