Words from Pastor's Desk

GOD created you for your own calling.  This calling surpasses the calling to believe and is obtained through faith.  You were designed with intricate unity and fashioned for this position.  It is the position in which you are the elect and development is required. Your uniqueness is only effective within your assignment and gift. Stay in HIS Presence so you can know and understand fully the gift that is within you that HE has honored most for HIS Glory creating the best days to come.   Stand fast in faith. Watch -the doors of opportunity will open before you taking you to places you can’t even relate too. 

You are a Change Agent and you’re on the move!  HE has made you to ride on the High Hills and not dwell on one mountain.  What doesn't allow you to grow has to go. You were created as an original. The gift you have was originated for Purpose and to supply the need of it to others. Organize, declutter, eliminate busyness to think & be creative, and keep focused to transcend over the limits from the world system.  This is a process that takes time because the foundation must be laid to withhold the weight and resistance of the force to come against it.  Your future is secure; however, faith is always tested. No one is exempt. 

Take inventory, make a complete list of now because overtake is on the way! Truth obeyed brings forth benefits.  GOD has promised blessings, restoration, and retribution that will overtake us as believers by faith when our posterity is upright. When you try GOD and HIS ways, it is proven you will taste HIS goodness. HE is bringing you up, to be GOD to you and your descendants, and will surely treat you well in giving you hope and a future. 


There is a difference in gaining understanding of the Kingdom of GOD verses just having knowledge of GOD.  When you continue to get understanding of how the Kingdom operates, you realize that you are not the Greater One making decisions in life.  Believers by faith don’t seek their own expectations of good in their future because there is no rest. Challenges always come along to rob one of understanding, but it is The LORD who is able to do the impossible and add all things to life. HE will also perfect all things which concern you when The Kingdom and love of CHRIST becomes the center of your life.  
Believers by faith set their minds to know The Spirit and give days of hard service to The Kingdom and wait, because we know this is strengthening our faith. GOD is our Agent, and we see HIS Days. HE takes an active role on our behalf and produces. To worry or give thought to issues or problems will cause our strength to perish. Unbelievers worry and become weak in their want and lack. We are in the care of GOD. It is HE who provides and preserves just as HE provides for those things we give no thought too. Our lives are more valuable than those things. HE has need of us for HIS Glory, and will provide and preserve what is needed for our lives.