Words from Pastor's Desk
There is a difference in gaining understanding of the Kingdom of GOD verses just having knowledge of GOD.  When you continue to get understanding of how the Kingdom operates, you realize that you are not the Greater One making decisions in life.  Believers by faith don’t seek their own expectations of good in their future because there is no rest. Challenges always come along to rob one of understanding, but it is The LORD who is able to do the impossible and add all things to life. HE will also perfect all things which concern you when The Kingdom and love of CHRIST becomes the center of your life.  
Believers by faith set their minds to know The Spirit and give days of hard service to The Kingdom and wait, because we know this is strengthening our faith. GOD is our Agent, and we see HIS Days. HE takes an active role on our behalf and produces. To worry or give thought to issues or problems will cause our strength to perish. Unbelievers worry and become weak in their want and lack. We are in the care of GOD. It is HE who provides and preserves just as HE provides for those things we give no thought too. Our lives are more valuable than those things. HE has need of us for HIS Glory, and will provide and preserve what is needed for our lives. 

It is written - May HIS Joy remain in you and your joy be full (John ). His Blessings consist of protection, provision and HIS Presence.  GOD blesses HIS people and wants them to prosper.  True Prosperity in Life occurs when you plant yourself in The Kingdom.  Prosperity’s meaning is all goes well and to succeed in all of one’s endeavors.  Scriptures give reference to HIS people, who maintain a relationship with HIM, as trees that symbolize permanence, strength, & fruitfulness. True Prosperity exists by Walking in Truth, faithfulness, diligence, tithing, sowing, believing, and speaking according to all that is written. After all, in HIS Presence there is fullness of joy which is continually full of all going well, and fully succeeding in all you do. 

What has The Lord answered? What has The Lord spoken?  From the Lord’s Heart, He stated “While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, Cold and heat, Winter and summer, And day and night shall not cease.” (Gen 8:22)There is at all times planting that has yet to be done; therefore, take every opportunity to do good and sow.  Sowing into good ground leads to blessings that are increased and multiplied like the days of weather, seasons, and lights. Believers demonstrate their faith when they sow showing their attachment is to GOD and trust in The Word. While laboring and suffering is endured, sowing seed becomes the creation of GOD’s blessings. Seed is HIS. HE has prepared, set, and made a harvest that produces and provides. 

Do something! Work your Faith as a doer of the Word. As you work the work of faith, watch God work a work in you.  Faith must become an active expression by confessing and doing of the Word.  Five principles of faith are: ground your faith in The Word; claim what your faith has embraced from The Word; boldly confess what you believe; act on faith; and, lastly, hold fast to your confessions of faith without wavering.  It is impossible to please God without faith, and the genuineness of faith is much more precious than gold.