Words from Pastor's Desk

You are wired for your purpose and need to be prepared for your future.  As a child of God through faith in Christ Jesus, you are an heir and master – authority -of all.  Strength is about development and life experiences. You get developed through The Word. The Word is given to support your position as joint heir with Christ.  Without awareness of your strength in Christ, it is impossible to be effective when rising to the level of the divine.  You know the power of HIS Resurrection when you have known personally, through life experiences, the point of HIS death. HE provides the Crown after you bear the cross.

The biggest threat to the enemy is seed, and he doesn't want The Word to get in you.  Once you rest in the presence of Christ, you are in position to begin to receive and respond to the Word of God. Nothing will manifest in one’s life if unbelief is there. However, once you receive, the response of belief with faith will initiate the creation of God’s Word to perform all that it was meant to accomplish in the natural.  God’s seed will always develop, exceed and extend past your needs so you can be blessing to others.

Be in such expectation of the Greater!  Something will always come along to take you out of your joy, but in HIS Presence is fullness of Joy and Strength.  While waiting on God alone, even while suffering, you know HE will eventually settle you once you have been perfected, established, and strengthen.  The power of reason is The Word and all confidence and reliance is your expectation from HIM & HIM alone, and that HIS Word will come to pass in your life. 

In Deuteronomy 6:4-6, we were given the law that should be written in our hearts – to love GOD with all your heart, soul, and strength.  In everything we do, we must do without departing from our first love.  Our labor, work, faithfulness, patience, and endurance must not become rote.  Our passion is not mechanical; it is a process with a promise. Our first commitment should be our expression of absolute love to CHRIST in all the things we do.

Being sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, we now in Christ Jesus have God in the world to teach us how to profit and dwell safely in prosperity.  When you profit, you benefit/gain after requirements have been met. As believers by faith, God has set apart and offered to us all that is Holy to HIM. HIS requirements are easy and not burdensome. The expenses according to the heart will abound in your account.   When you give into the Kingdom with love and a joyful heart, the return of investment is multiplied and increased.