As a ministry that believes in the principle teaching of Faith, Holiness, and Finances, our purpose is to be an instrument in which the gospel may be preached, that many would be able to hear and to participate in Christian worship with an atmosphere conducive for Christian growth. We are, therefore, delighted that you have taken a moment to visit with us to learn more about our ministry.

“Glory” by Pastor Mark Baker
Featuring the Greater Works Praise Team

Mark Baker, pastor and founder of Greater Works Than These Ministries, was given a song from the Lord while meditating on the word of God. And upon sharing his vision for this song, he was led to have the Greater Works Praise Team join him in ministering this message to the people. Take a listen below and allow God’s ‘Glory’ to rest upon your life!

Announcements January 11-January 17

Word's From Pastor' Desk: YOUR FUTURE IS SECURED!!

Take inventory, make a complete list of now because overtake is on the way! Truth obeyed brings forth benefits.  GOD has promised blessings, restoration, and retribution that will overtake us as believers by faith when our posterity is upright. When you try GOD and HIS ways, it is proven you will taste HIS goodness. HE is bringing you up, to be GOD to you and your descendants, and will surely treat you well in giving you hope and a future. 
Greater Works Than These Announcements for the week.........

 -Prayer and Consecration 2015, January 12-30, 2015, 12 noon daily and 7pm nightly, Monday-Friday. 

 -New Members Class will begin February 3rd at 7pm. Sessions will continue each Tuesday, February 10th, 17th and 20th at 7pm. 


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Early Morning Services - 8 AM
Worship Service - 11 AM
1st Sunday Night Prayer - 5:30 PM
1st Sunday Night Service - 6 PM


Word Empowerment Prayer - 7 PM
Word Empowerment Service - 7:30 PM


First Friday Breakthrough Prayer - 7 PM
First Friday Breakthrough Service - 7:30PM

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